While a lot has changed quickly, we are remaining open to serve our community. Our office are now working from home, but we are deploying techs as needed and are taking every safety and health precaution possible. We wish the utmost safety and good health to you all as we get through these strange times.

- Cory Parker, Owner of The Glass Guys in Katy

Comprehensive Glass Experts

Protective Window Films

Cost-Effective Window Tinting

Are you tired of paying an arm and a leg on your monthly energy bills? Do you have leather furniture that you want to protect from the sun's harmful rays? Now you can do both with the residential window tinting services available with The Glass Guys.

Our professional window tinting services reduce the amount of heat your home loses through the windows, keeping your energy costs down. At the same time, it provides a protective barrier against the sun's harmful UV rays, saving your furniture and your skin!

As an added bonus, the window tinting service provide your home with an added layer of privacy and security. With our affordable prices and price-matching services, there's no downside! Call us today at (832) 496-6260 for a FREE estimate.

Thwart Thieves Today

High-quality locks, sophisticated cameras, and security alarms are great ways to keep your home protected from thieves. Unfortunately sometimes it's still not enough. If you're looking to add even more protection to your home, call the experts at The Glass Guys.

We can come out to your home and install safety film on your windows. This film makes it nearly impossible for thieves to break into your home through the window. The glass will still break, but it does not break through, allowing them easy entry.

Not many criminals are going to be able to spend the time it would take to break through the security film, and aren't going to risk the bodily injury crawling through the sharp holes left. Keep yourself, your family, and your belongings safe with The Glass Guys.

Tint & Security Film